Diamond Craft Jewellery is the work of Tony Garbutt a Master Craftsman from the UK. An experienced, qualified and passionate jeweller, Tony settled in Australia in 1999 and continues to be inspired by Australian precious metals and stones.

All Jewellery is designed and handcrafted on premises utilising only the finest materials. A gifted craftsman, Tony is often referred to as ‘the Jeweller’s Jeweller’ being able to repair all sorts of Jewellery that other jewellers deem too difficult.

“Not all gold is the same, there has been a flood of imports from all over the world and it takes a skilled eye to tell the difference.”

Tony knows high quality stones from poor and is happy to share his expertise and knowledge with you so you learn to detect quality for yourself. Tony loves what he does – whether he is working on his own inspiration or one of your ideas. Creating beautiful, strong, high quality Jewellery that can be worn for a lifetime or passed onto family is his passion.

Tony will gladly talk with you about all aspects of your Jewellery how to protect it, care for it and wear it! Click here to contact Tony.